PROCEPT Xedev new facility ready

PROCEPT XEDEV new facility ready

The PROCEPT XEDEV new facilty ready and our new facility can now welcome our PROCEPT & XEDEV TEAMS, thanks to a great job of our coordinators and contractors!

In the meantime, we took the chance to restyle our logo’s, confirming more than ever our symbiotic existence. The symbols stand for our engineering of particle processing technologies and our generation of particles.

The colors symbolizes Trust, Loyalty, Confidence, Stability, Harmony, Growth, Ambition, Nature, Enthusiasm, Perseverance, Creativity, Success, Health, Happiness and Fascination… all of which both PROCEPT & XEDEV stand for.

We hope to welcome our customers and partners very soon in this impressive new workspace in Zele, Belgium, and we wish you all for 2021 the return of the complete freedom and stability! Stay safe and take care…


🤝 We make each other Stronger 🤝 🤝