Innovative scalable solutions for drying, agglomeration, coating and melting applications.

PROCEPT: Industry Standard for R&D Particle Engineering Processing Equipment

PROCEPT, founded in 1994 with 30 years of experience, is the pioneer and specialist in small scale particle processing equipment. Using minimal amounts of material and accurate data logging, customers can develop and fine tune their processes ready for scale-up, resulting in the fastest track to market.

Worldwide, PROCEPT has built up strong references in Pharma, Biotech, Fine Chemicals, Nutraceuticals and Food.

Besides our strong engineering team, we also have our sister company XEDEV on-site. XEDEV is a team of particle scientists, working daily with the PROCEPT equipment as CRO-CDMO.  XEDEV offers formulation / process / scale-up development and clinical production for biologics and small molecules.

PROCEPT & XEDEV are being recognized as a World expert team in SPRAY DRYING


Together we make each other stronger!

Particle Processing Equipment

PROCEPT’s range of R&D and GMP Best in Class particle processing equipment is second to none.

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PROCEPT and MPG have developed a unique and revolutionary plasma process to coat particles and material without solvents and at room temperature.

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