PROCEPT Spray Dryer / Chiller

Spray Drying is the most advanced instant drying process to engineer a particle and formulate in a single step. The unit is capable of spray drying/chilling/congealing samples of a few ml to batches of several liters.

PROCEPT RD spray dryer setup - PROCEPT particle engineering equipment

The PROCEPT  R&D Spray Dryer is a complete process tool that generates reliable, repeatable and scalable results in a minimum of time.

4M8Trix Spray Dryer Fluid Bed Pan Coater Modularity

PROCEPT’s modular 4M8-Trix design allows us to provide full flexibility towards integrating the equipment in your laboratory.

PROCEPT Particle Engineering Equipment 4M8Trix modules
PROCEPT spray dryer application interface operator - PROCEPT particle processing engineering equipment

The PROCEPT Spray Dryer / Chiller

Our Spray Dryer / Chiller has unique features including a stainless steel head with supporting structure for the glass column. It is normally integrated on a trolley but it can be wall mounted. All the components are easily accessible and the use of glass allows maximum visibility of the various processing stages.


Spray Dryer / Chiller High process yields (>90%) from a few ml to batches of several liters.
Spray Dryer / Chiller  Particles from 1-350µm
Spray Dryer / Chiller  Water and organic solvents
Spray Dryer / Chiller  Different nozzle types: 2-fluid, 3-fluid, cooled, heated, ultrasonic.
Spray Dryer / Chiller  Chilling or congealing; waxes, polymers, carbohydrates,..
Spray Dryer / Chiller  Provision for product cooling for very temperature sensitive or low glass transition temperature products.
Spray Dryer / Chiller  Touch screen PC control with real-time trending and excel data reporting.
Spray Dryer / Chiller  Critical process data such as temperatures, pressures, and liquid/gas flows are handled by the control unit.
Spray Dryer / Chiller  Nitrogen recirculation system for oxygen sensitive materials, environmental requirements or drying of high quantities of organic solvents.
Spray Dryer / Chiller  Flexible isolator for OEB4 compounds.
Spray Dryer / Chiller  Fix isolator for low bioburden.
Spray Dryer / Chiller  Unit can be used for pre-clincal and clinical applications.

PROCEPT particle engineering processing equipment- R&D spray dryer with isolator


PROCEPT’s modular design allows us to provide full flexibility towards integrating the equipment in your laboratory. Various set-ups or even customized designs are possible. The Excel Control system and fanbox can be combined with other PROCEPT process modules (such as Pan Coater or Fluid Bed) to save lab space and total investment costs. Extra processes can easily be added at a later point in time for a phased investment.