PROCEPT  SDxA Aseptic Spray Dryer

PROCEPT offers the answer to the increasing demand to process biologics (mAB, enzymes, peptides, plasmids, mRNA, DNA, bacteria, live cells,  bacteriophages, …) under aseptic conditions for sterile applications (IV, subcutaneous, wound healing,…) with its SDxA Aseptic Spray Dryer.

PROCEPT 3 in wall GMP Spray Dryer columns - PROCEPT particle engineering processing equipment

Isolator technology creates a grade A environment for aseptic processing for sterile applications.

SDxL Features

  • Full sterile HEPA filter barrier between technical and product contact side with integrated filter integrity testing.
  • All product contact parts are offline autoclave sterilisable, no clean steam necessary.
  • Positive pressure class A isolator with turbulent airflow.
  • Integrated isolator vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) decontamination system.
  • Integrated particle monitoring system.
  • Option to integrate rapid transfer ports (RTP) and liquid feed transfer connections.