PROCEPT Lab Filter Dryer

For early stage filtration and drying kinetic studies of API / NCE, scale up and process validation. Nutsche filter for filter cakes between diameter 8-20 cm.

PROCEPT Lab Filter Dryer Vessel mounted in frame

The lab filter dryer has a variable speed impeller with telescopic movement, turning clock-wise and anti-clockwise

Fully integrated and automated lab filter dryer. Various filter meshes available  5 & 20 micron.

Various filters for the PROCEPT lab filter dryer
PROCEPT lab filter dryer jacketed vessel

The PROCEPT Lab Filter Dryer

includes a vacuum system, jacketed dust filter, glass condenser, condenser receiver vessel, bypass, vacuum pump and process pressure control.

All critical process data can be recorded: impeller torque, compression force on cake, product temperature, impeller rpm and direction, pressure over filter cake, process pressure, mass recovered liquid, product temperature, process vessel/condenser/filter jacket temperature.

A touch screen Windows based PC automation package: “real-time”-trending and batch reporting in Excel of all critical process data and batch identification.


Lab Filter Dryer  Variable speed impeller with telescopic movement, turning clock and anti-clockwise.
Lab Filter Dryer  Flanged jacketed stainless steel lid.
Lab Filter Dryer  Flanged jacketed stainless steel bottom plate with universal filter media system.
Lab Filter Dryer  Filter meshs  in 5, 10 & 20 micron.
Lab Filter Dryer  Glass jacketed process vessel internal diameter 8 cm (1 liter), 13 cm (2 liter slurry) and 20cm (5 liter) set-up can be intergrated in same unit.
Lab Filter Dryer  Dried API: between 30 – 2,500 g.
Lab Filter Dryer  Cake height is min. 2 cm and max. 10 cm.
Lab Filter Dryer  Glass vessel withstands 2 bar overpressure.
Lab Filter Dryer  Process temperatures from -10°C up to 95°C.
Lab Filter Dryer  Controlled Nitrogen purge for gas assisted drying and inertisation.
Lab Filter Dryer  Hastelloy C22 optionally available.
Lab Filter Dryer  Stainless steel jacketed vessels optionally available.

PROCEPT lab filter dryer setup
PROCEPT Lab Filter Dryer stainless steel vessel for IR-PAT probe

Typical Applications

Lab Filter Dryer  API slurry filtration and drying
Lab Filter Dryer  Stabilisation

Jacketed vessels in glass or stainless steel

All process steps can be done under inert conditions.
The system can be built on a frame to be incorporated in a hood.