Spray Dryer/Chiller R&D

Spray Drying is the most advanced instant drying and congealing process to engineer a particle and formulate in a single step.


Spray Dryer GMP

PROCEPT’s SDx series of GMP Spray Dryers feature closed loop solvent processing under nitrogen with ATEX option.

Fluid Bed Icon

Fluid Bed

Fluid Bed processing equipment is used for granulation, drying and Wet/Melt coating of powders, pellets or spheres.

Plasma Coating

The PROCEPT / MPG Fluidised Bed Plasma Coater is a major scalable technological breakthrough.​


Pan Coater

The Pan Coater is used for small to medium scale sugar, film, enteric, Wet/Melt coating of tablets, capsules, pellets or spheres.

High shear wet granulation

High Shear Granulator

The granulator is used to create wet agglomerates by high shear wet/melt mixing of different powders.


Twin Screw Extruder

The PROCEPT Twin Screw Extruder is used for Wet/Melt granulation and Hot Melt extrusion.

Lab filter Dryer icon

Filter Dryer

A fully automated unit for early stage filtration and drying kinetic studies of API / NCE, scale up and process validation.