Plasma Fluid Bed Coater

Breaking the boundaries of powder treatment

PROCEPT and Molecular Plasma Group have joined forces and setup our joint venture PartiX to bring functionalisation and encapsulation of powders to the next level.

PROCEPT Partix Plasma Fluid Bed coater synoptic

The PROCEPT Fluid Bed used as the basis for the Partix Plasma Coater is a major scalable technological breakthrough.​

PROCEPT Fluid Bed 1 liter vessel

What type of molecules can we inject?
There is no restriction on the type of organic chemistry. Pure liquids, mixtures, emulsions, suspensions of nanoparticles, or polymer solutions.

Plasma Fluid Bed Coater Specifications

  • Batch treatment of powder
  • Powder quantities:
    1 l vessel 50g – 200g
    4 l vessel 200g – 1kg
  • Particle size: 50 micron – 3mm
    (based on density of 0.5kg/l)
  • Plasma gas types:
    N2, Ar, He, CO2, Air mixtures and more.

“Partix” atmospheric plasma technology offers an innovative approach to more sustainable surface treatments by injection of simple chemical building blocks into a reactive plasma environment, eliminating the use of solvents and drastically reducing the number of processing steps. The research at VITO is focusing on surface modifications of materials for batteries. Results are great and will be published soon!”.

Dr. Dirk Vangeneugden

Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO)

The PROCEPT  / MPG  Plasma Fluid Bed Coater

The plasma fluid bed coater equipment is a unique combination of PROCEPT’s fluidized bed reactor and Molecular Plasma Group’s PlasmaSpot.

It is normally integrated on a trolley with the touch screen computer attached to a swing arm which can be positioned according to the operator’s preference.


Plasma Fluid Bed  Introducing new possibilities for surface functionalization and encapsulation.
Plasma Fluid Bed  With organic chemistry and biomolecules.
Plasma Fluid Bed  Touch screen PC control with real-time trending and excel data reporting.
Plasma Fluid Bed  Single step, dry surface process​.
Plasma Fluid Bed  Nanometric and micrometric layers (single molecule and upwards)​.
Plasma Fluid Bed  Multilayer capability​.
Plasma Fluid Bed  Water-sensitive, temperature sensitive substrates (cellulose, sugars, salts, acids, …)​.
Plasma Fluid Bed No solvents, no drying, no incubation time,…
Plasma Fluid Bed Dramatically shorter process times (10x to 100x)​
Plasma Fluid Bed Critical process data such as heating & cooling temperature setpoints, plasma voltage are handled by the control unit.
Plasma Fluid Bed  Flexible & future proof technology.
Plasma Fluid Bed  Easy in-process sampling.

Potential Applications

Plasma Fluid Bed  Surface modification
Plasma Fluid Bed  Controlled release layer
Plasma Fluid Bed  Bio-marker
Plasma Fluid Bed  Imaging & diagnostics
Plasma Fluid Bed  Covalently bound drug
Plasma Fluid Bed  Adhesion improvement
Plasma Fluid Bed  Biomolecule immobilisation
Plasma Fluid Bed  Release coatings
Plasma Fluid Bed  Anti-fouling coatings
Plasma Fluid Bed  Virucidal coatings
Plasma Fluid Bed  Antimicrobial coatings