Spray Drying is the most advanced instant drying process to engineer a particle and formulate in a single step. The SDxL series of Spray Dryers feature closed loop solvent processing under nitrogen. The unit has a water evaporation capacity of 5 liters/hour and is the larger version of the SDx series.

Spray Dryer chiller GMP - PROCEPT particle engineering processing equipment

The PROCEPT SDxL GMP Spray Dryer allows easy transfer from the PROCEPT R&D Spray Dryer. The unit is built through the GMP cleanroom wall.

PROCEPT 3 in wall GMP Spray Dryer columns - PROCEPT particle engineering processing equipment

SD3L offers 15 liter/hour water evaporation capacity within standard cleanroom height.

The PROCEPT SDxL Parallel Spray Dryer

Increase your spray drying capacity without scale-up problems using multiple columns with a single central control system. Our modular system has several important advantages including:

  • Fewer production risks.
  • Flexible production capacity with equal high yield.
  • Phased investment capacity follows your needs.
  • Fits into standard infrastructure.
  • Scale-out without scale-up issues.
  • Faster time to market.
SDxL GMP Spray Dryer

SDxL Features

  • Up to 5 liters/hour/column water evaporation capacity.
  • Water and organic solvent processing.
  • Full HEPA H14 filter barrier between technical and product contact side.
  • Provision for product cooling for very temperature sensitive or low glass transition temperature products.
  • PLC controlled system with dedicated HMI
  • Critical process data such as temperatures, pressures, and liquid/gas flows are handled by the control unit.
  • Open or Closed loop solvent processing under air or nitrogen.
  • Designed for use in Atex Zone 2 areas.
  • Software 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, OPC-UA and LDAP.
  • Through the cleanroom wall integration in technical zone.
  • Integrated Wash-in-place (WIP) nozzles.
SD1-head - PROCEPT particle engineering processinq equipment

Integrated retractable WIP nozzle